You need to check it out.  You can beta test a new web application that allows you to make predictions about whats happening in your favorite TV shows! (Very Cool)


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I lovehate Girls

I have a really limited emotional range (seriously, ask my friends) but one emotion I do have is lovehate. It’s not to say that I love to hate something or hate to love something (but I do have both of those emotions, as well), it’s more that I simultaneously feel pure love and abject hatred of something, without either emotion canceling the other one out. While I feel this way basically everyday towards one thing or another (for instance, the word “YOLO”) nothing has incited lovehate in me in recent memory quite as much as Lena Dunham’s Girls.

I lovehate Jessa’s dumb hats and Hannah’s dumb face. I lovehate Shoshanna’s neuroses and Marnie’s uselessness. I lovehate their “controversial” plot points that really just seem kind of boring to me (OMG,  an aimless, unemployed 24 year old might get an abortion. Ayup. She sure would.) I lovehate that there’s no real character development or, for that matter, plot.  I’ve even been to Greenpoint, where the gang all lives and, ya know what, I lovehate it there too.

So, how do you guys feel about Girls? Love it? Hate it? Lovehate it? Other?

With that scattershot Season 1 Finale (really, Jessa got married to that finance douche, Marnie kissed a fat guy, and Hannah got…robbed?) it’ll be interesting to see where Season 2 goes. Who knows, maybe they’ll introduce enough character development/plot that’ll I’ll move solidly over to the “love” camp.

Though, as long as Lena Dunham has that terrible tattoo, I doubt it.


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It’s been a rough year for for the Demi; Ashton cheated on, and then divorced her (RIP @mrskutcher,) her weight plummeted to well below 100, she was shipped off to rehab for, what else,  anorexia and pillz, her potato-faced daughters keep doing idiotic things (underage drinking arrests and nude photo scandals, for a start,) and to top it all off, all three of them won’t even talk to her.

So yeah, things aren’t exactly great for Demi right now. And with Ashton publicly making out with “just friend” Mila Kunis, things aren’t really looking up for the 49-year old.

Should she go back to rehab and sort herself out? I mean, at the very least, if she’s in rehab she probably won’t have access to her phone, which means no more drunk texts to Ashton. If only we all had that luxury when we were going through breakups.


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Evidence that Chris Brown is the Worst Person Alive: He Tattooed Rihanna’s beaten face on his neck.

Say what you will about Chris Brown, no really, please say whatever you want. For instance: “He’s a talentless woman-beater who should be in prison, and I hate myself for even writing about him and continuing to justify his existence as a celebrity, when really, he and his scraggly beard and retarded blonde hair shouldn’t be walking the red carpet at “Kandy VEGAS” (whatever the fuck that is,) he should be in some terrible double-wide, impregnating ex-groupies and living out the rest of his days in abject poverty while being forced to watch Rihanna get more attractive, more famous, and a fuckton richer without him.” That was just off the top of my head.


Say what you will about Chris Brown (see above,) but the dickwad sure does know how to turn what should’ve been a career-killer into a PR gift that just keeps on giving. When Brown beat his then-gf Rihanna on the eve of 2009 Grammy’s, his career definitely took a dive, but he somehow managed to hang on, and, even though three years have past, it still seems to land him in the press every other month (see: Drake and Chris Brown’s bottle-throwing fight at an NYC nightclub, Rihanna’s emotional defense of Chris on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and now, his goddamn neck tattoo.)

Brown’s newest tattoo (also, I know this off topic and besides the point. But come on Chris: a fucking NECK tattoo? Are you joking?)  looks an awful lot like Rihanna’s beaten face, and while the rapper rabidly denies it (apparently it’s a Día de los Muertos tattoo, ya know, because being a black guy from Virginia and all, he’s deeply connected to the Mexican culture…,) he has a track record of being a crazyperson, so why should we believe him.

Here, judge for yourself:

What do you guys think? Is this just fucked up or is it the most fucked up thing in the history of ever? I’m sorry, you don’t get any other options. Whether or not you believe that it’s not supposed to be Ri, a man with a record of beating up women should not be tattooing the faces of mangled women on his body. Amirite??







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Why Can’t we be Friends? Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly


In much the way noble warriors of great kingdoms once jousted for honor (honour?), Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart jested for laughs (and a $4.95 live-streaming fee) this weekend.

Bill O’Reilly, the dark horse of the evening, maintained his tried and true stance of righteous right-wing while Jon Stewart played the sage jester. The event, named “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium,” drew a lot of media buzz beforehand, accounting for its success both on and offline.

1,500 people were on site for the debate, however its intended audience – YouTubers – were sadly disappointed when the video servers crashed, meaning many missed the rumble.

Another failure was, well, the entire premise of the debate — did we really think either O’Reilly or Stewart would debate for any other reason besides the desire to hear themselves talk? The debate was supposedly meant to allow for some persuasion to the other side of the political spectrum, but the old friends are not exactly known for their bi-partisanship. Still, some common ground was found. O’Reilly let out his disapproval of the war in Iraq, and Stewart tried to maintain himself as more moderate.

Trying to uphold some cerebral resolve while under a sign reading ‘‘Yum, this banner tastes like freedom,’’ the odd couple also discussed government spending, social and health issues, as well as their top pick for prez (O’Reilly responded Clint Eastwood. We believe this to be a joke, but hey, not a bad idea.)

Jon and Bill have both basically become caricatures of themselves, so taking a night to laugh at themselves was probably a good idea, regardless of the how substantive the debate was.  The focus of the Rumble was less on the issues and more on seeing the lighter side of things, and given the tone of the real presidential debates, focusing on the lighter side of things is probably a break a lot of us need.


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Go See This: Arbitrage

After receiving critical acclaim at Sundance, Arbitrage, the feature directorial debut of Nicholas Jarecki, went to limited release on September 14th. The film follows a billionaire hedge fund manager, played by Richard Gere, who after suffering an investment loss covers his tracks by cooking his company’s books. Things start to unravel – and rapidly – when one night, he falls asleep at the wheel (with his mistress in the passenger seat) and has an accident in which she is killed. Now he must hide the truth from his wife, Susan Sarandon, and the police detective working the case, Tim Roth.

The result is a movie with layered and complex characters. This is no Bernie Madoff tale — Richard Gere plays a flawed man, but not a sociopathic one. He is at once reprehensible and sympathetic. Arbitrage blurs the lines between villains and heroes, between good and evil.

Arbitrage is a powerful, well-crafted movie, that much is clear. But what makes Arbitrage even more remarkable is the people who created it. While its cast is peppered with some of the most seasoned and respected actors in the business, it is the debut effort for both the Director, Nicholas Jarecki, and Producer Justin Nappi of Treehouse Pictures.


Arbitrage is playing at select theaters, and is available to rent on Amazon Instant.

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are Neck and Neck


The suspense is building in a race for the White House between Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama.  They are both trying to convince Americans that they deserve to be elected (or re-elected) at a feverish pace.

Two months before the presidential election, polls show that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are very tight with Obama having a small advantage for the last two months.

But, after the Republican National Convention last week, Romney is leading in some polls.

Do social issues really matter? Many Americans are left on social issues.  I believe that women should have the right to get an abortion and that gay people should be able to get married.  Jesus and Moses were in fact gay lovers (the History channel did a special on it.) Jesus left Moses for Mohammed because he liked hairy men (Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the prophet, we’re talking about the dude who works at 7/11 in Westhampton…)

The reality of the America we are living in today is that gay people won’t be able to have enough energy to make it to the alter.  Why?  They won’t have been able to eat for the last month because they won’t have had a job in the last two years, and hence won’t have enough blood flowing in their body to actually make or plan a wedding outside of a little communal event… and everyone knows gays don’t do “little” when it comes to weddings.

Barack Obama is rapidly bringing the United States to its knees.

What are the facts?


And NO it isn’t Bush’s fault our economy sucks.  Every president that has ever served can make one of two decisions when things go bad…they can either take responsibility for their presidency (like an adult,) or they can blame their predecessor for their own mistakes.  Clearly Obama has decided to blame his predecessor instead of acting like an adult.

Case in Point:
George W. Bush could have done what Barack Obama did and said “Everything we are dealing with now is Bill Clinton’s fault because he had the chance to kill Osama Bin Laden and chose not to take it.  As a result September 11th happened and we had to go into Afghanistan and that has cost our nation XXX Trillion of dollars…Blah…Blah…It’s all Clinton’s fault.”  But he didn’t do that.

Say what you will about W., but he never blamed Clinton for the problems in his presidency; he took responsibility for his actions.

Is this the kind of tone we want to set in the USA?
Should we teach kids that instead of taking responsibility they can blame other people for their problems? What if everyone did that? You would have no productivity anywhere, just blame.

The reality is that the people Barack Obama hurts the most are the people he claims to help: THE POOR PEOPLE.

Case in Point:
The USA has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and as a result businesses can’t afford or don’t want to risk hiring new people (Can you blame them?)  So the majority of those mid- and low-level jobs don’t exist anymore. Barack Obama thinks he’s helping poor people by giving them food stamps when in fact what he should be doing is working hard to entice businesses to grow and hire more people.  How could he do this?  How about by giving tax cuts to businesses that hire more people?  Makes sense doesn’t it…?

Barack Obama clearly doesn’t know what he is doing and he’ll happily tell you that “Everything is fine” while the country goes down the shitter.


Mitt Romney understands business and understands businessmen.


Why you ask?  Businesspeople hire and give jobs to everyone…so lets talk to them and figure out exactly what we need to do to get them to hire more people.  The answer is lower taxes for growing businesses (I asked myself and thats the answer I gave.)

If a business’s tax rate went from 30% to 15% if they hired 500 new workers wouldn’t that be incentive to take some risk and grow?

Jesus agrees he announced it on the HBO Jesus Live Special

Everyone (Poor People included!) Will be better off with Mitt Romney as President (and more importantly with Barack Obama gone.)

This isn’t a Democratic or Republican reasoning…I personally think we should have Bill Clinton back as president — he knew how to get businesses to grow and hire people.  His support of Obama is a facade to support his party, and behind closed doors (and even in some interviews) Bill Clinton thinks Barack Obama is as Bat Shit Crazy as Dinesh D’Souza does.


Imagine a world where the United States is no longer a superpower, where being from the USA is just as prominent as being from China or Russia or, gasp, even the UK.  Imagine the US is a place where there is no longer innovation, instead it’s a place where innovation dies and your tax dollars go to support bullshit government programs and nonsense like Solyndra and the GSA.  Sounds like a terrible place…

If Obama Leaves Imagine a place where candy falls from the skies and businesses can grow without troubling regulations…THATS A WORLD WITHOUT OBAMA.

OBAMA has many nicknames in the cyber world…

The great Destroyer

I hate Jobs

You didn’t build that

Hope and Change is Cancer and Diarrhea

I think America is too Rich lets make these fuckers poor.

Clint Eastwood made me look like a silly goose

The savior of all

Hermione Granger

Pippa Middleton

Barack Obama has failed terribly.

Oh and another thing.

Barack Obama will happily wait and watch Iran build nuclear weapons and do nothing about it.

He has openly stated that he thinks we need to do more for the developing Muslims in the world.

I’m going to vote for Obama because he’s a huge liar and a complete scam artist
and anybody who can scam the USA as badly as he has must have some really crazy shit planned for us for the future!  I’m totally excited to see how unrecognizable the USA is afterhe is done with it mainly.


“I told you so…Look how totally fucked we are now…and I hope you eat your unemployment everyday with the ballot you cast for Obama because that guy destroyed our economy and apart of the world and he did it with your vote….I hope you choke on your own unhappiness and pee blood.”

That feels much better.  EIther way I’m excited with whoever wins the presidency.  If Romney wins we’re saved, and, well, if Obama wins we’re all gonna die a painful death.  (Imagine Herpes of the throat until you can’t breath.  When that happens I get to tell Obama supporters it’s their fault.)

I’m good with that but are you?

WIll you vote for a complete and total failure that is Barack Obama?

Will you vote for a guy who hates businesses?

Will you vote for a guy who clearly hates Jews?

Will you vote for a guy who clearly hates himself?

Will you vote for a guy who is a really good basketball player?

Will you vote for a guy who has improved his golf score by 10 strokes in four years?

WIll you vote for a moron who wants your children to be raped?


If you think Jerry Sandusky is Innocent

If you think Terrorists are just misunderstood

If you think America should have the economy of Greece

If you think that life is bullshit

If you think that all people should eat their dead family members


He can beat up Barack Obama

Paul Ryan can beat up Barrck Obama

He can fix our economy

He won’t hold it against you if you love abortion (I Love Abortion…it makes me happy)

His wife is a MILF and has DSL (Not the internet Connection)

He was a business success (Which means hes smart and competent)

He found the cure for polio

He believes that Iran is a serious threat.



Ultimately Obama is an inexperienced Car Salesmen and Mitt Romney understands business and the economy.

At the end of the day all that matters is who can get more people hired and without a doubt the answer to that question seems to be Mitt Romney.  The real question is will the voters feel that way also?

T-Minus 62 days until we find out.


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Leblon Cachaca to Sponsor RedRush’s 4th Annual Brazilian Day Labor Day Party

Don’t forget, this Sunday, September 2nd is RedRush Entertainment’s 4th Annual Brazilian Day Labor Day Party. After the Brazilian Day Parade come get your Caipirinha on at the SkyRoom. Leblon Cachaca — Brazil’s finest Cachaca — is sponsoring the event, so you’re guaranteed some of the best Caipirinha’s NYC has to offer.

Tickets are available now or at the door — just email for more information.

Happy Brazilian Independence Day and Labor Day everyone


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RedRush Entertainment’s 4th Annual Brazilian Day Labor Day Party

Every year Americans celebrate Labor Day weekend, the unofficial last weekend of summer, with BBQs and beers. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with sticking to tradition — we at RedRush Entertainment do Labor Day weekend just a little bit different.

Every Labor Day, RedRush throws the biggest Brazilian Day afterparty at SkyRoom TImes Square in celebration of Brazilian Independence Day. Each year, NYC’s hottest people come out and party the way only Brazilians can — every year is even crazier than the last.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Vita CoCo to offer free Vita CoCo all night long, in addition a Caiprinha Open Bar from 10pm – 11pm. With DJs Alex Persaud and RIcardo Lima spinning all night and live entertainment all night.

Check out the video from last year’s party and get amped up.


RedRush’s 4th Annual Brazilian Day Party

September 2nd

SkyRoom Times Square

DJ Alex Persaud

DJ Ricardo Lima

Open Caipirinha Bar from 10pm – 11pm




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Pinterest (finally) announces Apps for Android and iPad

In the past year Pinterest has grown from 1 million users to over 23 million — and last week, t Pinterest (finally) discarded their invite-only system and opened up enrollment to anyone who wants to join – without having to wait.  A change that will almost certainly grown Pinterest’s userbase even further.

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann held his first official press conference, where he announced the launch of both an App for Android smartphones and one for the iPad (previously, the only available App was for the iPhone.) All Apps can be used just as one would on a computer, and are available for download in the App store and the Google Play store now.

Last May, Pinterest raised $100 million, bring its valuation to (a pretty impressive) $1.5 billion. Today, Pinterest is working hard to maintain their worth by reinforcing their members’ interest with new features and attracting more users. This is especially important in the current context where investors seem to have lost interest in social networks (a trend that can be seen pretty clearly in Facebook’s failed IPO two months ago.)

Here’s hoping that Pinterest continues to garner users and create value — if they fail, how are girls going to plan vacations they can’t afford, diets they’ll never go on, and weddings they aren’t even having?


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